Anita and I were off on one of our long training walks for the first Out of the Darkness marathon.  We were training to walk 26.2 (!) miles through the night, so the particular training walk we were on that night was a mere five miles.  But that was a little too far for Sadie dog, who was getting up in the years.  Plus she tended to slow us down, insisting on smelling everything and occasionally picking up inappropriate objects (see “Butterhound“).

So we were off on our five mile training walk while Sadie waited patiently at home.  When we returned from our walk, and after we had filled ourselves with water and stretched, I offered Anita a piece of the cake mom had made for some occasion or another.  She agreed and I went to the cake to cut a slice, but stopped to investigate when I noticed that it looked like someone had been taking bites off the cake with a fork, instead of cutting a slice.  I cut a coupla pieces from the untouched section and was about to serve them when my dad appeared from a) the basement, b) the garage, or c) upstairs.  “Hey Dad,” I said as he walked into the kitchen, “you been takin bites off the cake?”  I smiled at him and raised an eyebrow.  He looked at me then the cake, then me again, “No,” he said, “I thought it was you!”  He laughed.  We both looked at each other like wtf and then it clicked.  We both looked at Sadie, sitting there on the kitchen floor, hoping for more cake.  “Sadie!”  I chided.  Anita started laughing.  Sadie was a well known counter surfer.  We’d just forgot.  She used to steal bread all the time.  Everything had to be put in the exact center of the counter so she couldn’t reach it.  I think she burped a cake burp at us then.

Mmm, Cake!


2 thoughts on “Cakehound

    • I’ll fix that right away! That was a looooooooooong walk. I remember walking with my eyes shut around 3:00-4:00 am and the girls behind us singing Paul Simon songs. That was a great time! : ) I thank you again for doing that with me.


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