Tough Chicks

Middle School is a strange and unsteady time.  Well, it was for me.  What with friends coming and going, I never knew where I stood.  While I have many fond memories of people I was friends with at Rocky Run, two girls stand out for me.  I was friends with them for a short time and at separate times, and I often wonder what would have happened if they hadn’t ended up at other schools.  (Would anyone have dared spilled lemonade on me?) They were both tough chicks.  One would go on to have many experiences beyond her years and kick lots of ass.  The other would have many adventures on the west coast.  I have fond memories of them and am mystified when they tell me stories of fights and confrontations that they’ve had over the years.  I don’t remember them being like that with me, but I do have a tickle of a memory that they were like that with other people.

I had all sorts of different friends in Middle School.  I eventually settled in with the metal heads.  Strangely, many from that group ended up at Springwood.  So then I had to find new friends.  I had an artistic friend who has used that amazing talent to start a successful business.  I had sweet friends who I now don’t know much about (though some I am fortunate to be friends with on FaceBook).  And I had a friend who turned out not to be a very good for me, but I didn’t figure that out for a long time (nope, not friends with that person at all anymore-—not even on FB).  That’s another story, though.

Anyway, back to the tough chicks.  One I spent a lot of time with on the phone after school, after she left Rocky Run early in 7th grade.  I remember telling her everything that had gone on at school, and have vague memories of her encouraging me, in her tough chick way, to stand up for myself when I occasionally had trouble.  I was a rather sensitive person:  Incidents, actions, and words tended to stick with me.  Eventually things happened and we lost touch.  I always wondered what happened to her, and was really happy when I found her on FaceBook.  Soon after, I learned about her fascinating life after she’d left Rocky Run.  (She really should write a book!)

The other girl I met later in the year and we were fast friends.  My most vivid memories are of summer:  Going to the pool with her, and laughing, laughing, laughing.  I had my first beer with her at the pool in broad daylight.  When we were walking back to her apartment, there was a car with its expansive nose pulled over the sidewalk, and instead of walking around it I just climbed over the hood, my head slightly buzzing.  Anytime I’ve been in a sauna in the years since, I’d think of her and how we’d perch on the hot cedar sauna benches in our bathing suits after being at the pool all day.  The memories are few but precious.  I’m sure if I look at pictures, it will bring back more memories.  Eventually, she moved.  I talked to her a time or two over the years, but in the end, we lost touch completely and I always wondered what happened to her.  Enter FB.  I am pleased to say we have reunited.  I’ve only seen her a couple times, but I don’t think she’s changed so much.  I see her 13 year old face over her 36 year old face and remember all the fun I had with her.  With her, there was no drama between us.  She didn’t randomly get pissed at me and wasn’t annoyed my obnoxiousness.  I was never left trying to figure out what I’d done wrong (or if I’d done anything—sometimes kids just like to be mad).  I knew she always had my back and would fight fiercely for me with words or whatever.  I would do the same for her.  I can’t remember exactly how we lost touch.  It seems that one day she was there, and the next, she was gone.  But I’ve got her back in my life now.

Hugs to my Rocky Run friends!


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