Tomorrow is my 37th birthday.

After my sister died, I never thought I’d make it  to the age she was when she died, which was…31 and 1/2.  And now here I am six years beyond that.

My 30th birthday, the birthday that many people freak out about, came and went with  nice surprise party.  My 31st, however, sent me into a panic.  I was as old as my sister was when she killed herself.

My sister used to make a really big deal out of my birthday, and, as with most things with her, she made it extra fun.  My first birthday after she died, my 23rd, was wretched.  My parents tried to make it special, but it was wretched.

Now my birthdays are fun again.  I also celebrate Lisa’s birthday, which is a little over a month after mine, on November 22.  I usually go on some sort of a shopping spree, because that was one of her favorite things to do, but alas, we are on a budget, so I will find another way to celebrate her life this year.

Anyhoo that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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