A New Song, An Old Dance

The first time I heard this song, I was pulling into the garage and was compelled to sit in the car and listen to it.

I have since listened to it lots and lots and it makes me think of:  1. My sister, Lisa; 2. My journey—the delightful, fun-filled journey of grief to where I am now;  3. Us, me.

Regardless, it’s simply an excellent song—you probably already knew that; I’m a little slow.

AND:  You can Flat-Foot to it, Ma!

Back in the late 90s & early 2000s, when my grief for Lisa was fresh and consuming, most every song reminded me of her.  You know how it is, when you’re brokenhearted, to quote Ani DiFranco, “every pop song on the radio
is suddenly speaking to me.”
  I would say, “Ooo! This is my song for my sister!” or “Ooo! This is me and my sister’s song!” and my friends would chorus, “Every song is for your sister!”  Well, no, but there were quite a lot.  My sister and I enjoyed lots of music together and I learned how to dance from her.  After she died, I couldn’t dance.  It took four or five years before I could dance again.  And when I did, it was at Jamaica Joe’s at Fairview Beach.  There was a dance contest and the song was “Groove is in the Heart,” (totally one of me & my sister’s songs!), full of rum & coke, something possessed me and I grabbed Scotty, a wild n crazy family friend from the beach (not to be confused with cousin Scotty), and off we went.  I thought for sure when I saw someone doing the Worm there was no way we’d win, but hot damn, we did!  Hot Damn indeed.

Now I just need to master Flat-Footing.



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