~ Sixteen Years ~

Hello, May 27th.  I look upon you with relief.

Also shock and disbelief.

I’m with my Fairview Family, as I had been that devastating Memorial Weekend sixteen years ago, when we lost my sister, Lisa.

But I’m not here to talk about that! 

Chicago Style Lemon Drop Shooters is what I want to talk about!  Studebaker’s in Tyson’s Corner!  Dancing all night with my beloved sister, Lisa!

My sister and I would go dancing at Studebaker’s beginning with the night of my 21st birthday. October 5th, the weather was incredibly muggy and unseasonably hot.  We went with her bestie, Kim K.  Lisa ordered a drink and presented to me:  “Here try this!”

It was sweet and sour and tangy:  a Chicago Style Lemon Drop Shooter.  I don’t know what made it Chicago Style (perhaps the bartender was from Chicago?).  I also can’t quite figure out what was in it besides lemon, sugar, and Absolut Citron.  No matter.  Today I am concocting an Angela Style Lemon Drop Shooter, and sometime today will be toasting to my sister with Ma (dad usually sits out) and my dear Fairview Family.

I implore you to join me in a toast to Lisa too, with your drink of choice.





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