The Out of the Darkness Overnight is Drawing Closer!

…And I need to raise funds to meet my goal…
Have you ever had your heart broken so badly you thought it would never heal? That’s how I felt on May 27, 1996, Memorial Day, when my beloved sister, Lisa, killed herself. I want to do all I can to help keep others from having to experience that kind of heartbreak, and I need your help.

“Out of the Darkness” is fitting. My sister was bound by a darkness from which she could only see one way out, and her suicide sent me into a darkness that took years for me to escape. I came out on the other side not liking what I saw.

My real steps to healing began while I was training for the first Out of the Darkness Overnight walk, which was in DC in 2002. It helped bring the truth of my sister’s suicide out into the light.

Lisa’s suicide put my family, her friends, and me through something I never want to happen to anyone else.

I hope by participating in this overnight walk I can help raise awareness, help fund research, and help prevent others from experiencing such profound pain.

I hope to diminish the stigma that some associate with suicide. It’s how you lived your life that matters in the end, not how you die.

A donation in any amount will help strengthen resources needed to help others out of their darkness.

Here is my blog; it tells my story.

The first attempt
Secrets & Lies
Phone call in the middle of the night and

I would like to add that during the Walk I will also be holding in my heart Matt W., Chad R., & Chef Ed. I have not forgotten you.


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