Seventeen Years Gone


Ang & Lisa, Las Vegas 1995

Although there is a lot going on in my head today, I think I prefer to keep it there.  Or maybe just make a list.

1. Today is May 27, 2013, Memorial Day

2. Seventeen years ago, on May 27, Memorial Day, my beloved sister, Lisa, killed herself

3. My world and family were turned upside down

4. We’re doing Salted Caramel Shots today for our Annual Toast to Lisa with my Fairview Family–join us from afar!

5. June 1-2, 2013 is the Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention & Awareness.  I do it for two reasons:  In honor of my sister and in the hope that the money raised will help prevent another family from experiencing this wretchedness

6. It’s not too late to donate to the Out of the Darkness walk/American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Awareness, and though I’ve surpassed my goal, every little bit helps


* )


I love all of you xo
Lisa and Ashes are going to heaven



2 thoughts on “Seventeen Years Gone

  1. Ang,,I am sure you dont remember me, I worked with Lisa at AWC, she came to my house, I went to hers in VA, I have a shelf she gave me, my son was 6. Yrs old and in love with her….I think of her all the time. I typed her name, not sure why and found your blog. Your mom said to me at her service not to forget her, I said I would not and I have not. I am thankful to God you. Found your peace. Robyn


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