Snake in the Boat!

The Biggest, Brightest Star in the Sky

On Father’s Day this year, Dad, Peony (my four year old daughter), and I went for a leisurely ride in my ski boat for the first time this season.  My parents had dropped the boat in the water earlier in the day, and it had waited patiently in the rough river until the wind calmed down enough for us to tool around.  First, I lured Peony away from the neighbors by asking if she wanted to go for a ride on the boat.  Then, I asked my dad, who was watering some grass seed, if he wanted to join us.  He sort of grunted and mumbled at me, which I took to mean yes.

“When will you be ready?” I asked.  He gestured to the seeded area that still needed watering.

I said, “So like, five or ten minutes?  That’s good.  I gotta go put Peony’s swimsuit on.”

“Alright,” He…

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