Chantilly Youth Association Brings Greenbriar Girls Together for a Lasting Friendship

Chantilly Youth Association Brings Greenbriar Girls Together for a Lasting Friendship

When you’re a kid, it can seem like schools other than your own are part of a whole different world. Because school is where kids spend most of their time, school is where they make most of their connections and friendships. Even living in the same neighborhood and going to the same pool doesn’t put you in the same situation as, say, being on a team and working together to accomplish a shared goal. Dani Brown, Olivia Grindal, and Emily Osteguin all live within a mile of each other in Greenbriar, they are all members of the Greenbriar Pool, but they each attend different elementary schools. If not for CYA Softball, Dani, Olivia, and Emily might have never met and developed the friendship they share.

These three sixth graders have been playing softball and hanging out togethe­­r since 2013. They joined CYA Softball with little experience, but over the years have learned all about the sport while developing their skills and a strong, healthy sense of confidence, comradery, and commitment.   In fall 2014, their team finished several tournaments and competed in the finals. Now, Dani, Olivia, and Emily are on the CYA Lace 12U travel team (12U means age 12 and under).

The CYA Lace travel team is a higher level of softball that requires more experience, commitment, and skill. CYA Lace is made up of all-star, fast pitch softball players from around the region, including Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties. The team travels throughout Virginia and Maryland playing in softball tournaments against other experienced teams. Because the travel team is year-round, they practice and play in outdoor and indoor locations. Out of twelve CYA Lace team members, three are from our very own Greenbriar neighborhood. Pretty cool, huh?

Dani, Olivia, and Emily have invested a lot of time and effort developing their skills. They have gone from having never thrown a softball to joining the CYA house team to making the CYA travel team. These bright young ladies are inspiring examples of what happens when you try something new.

CYA Softball enables girls to develop self-discipline, a positive body image, and a healthy self-esteem; it allows them to strengthen their social skills and confidence while encouraging them to learn more about themselves and their abilities. And the benefits go beyond the game: girls participate in fun activities such as sleepovers, pizza parties, movies, and manicures as they create strong and long lasting friendships.

CYA offers four house softball programs in the spring and the fall for ages five to eight; nine to ten; eleven to twelve; and thirteen to fourteen.

Select/Travel is for players who have advanced softball skills and are committed to attending practices and games.

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