Book Reviews Shouldn’t have a Shelf Life

Traditionally, book reviews are of newly published books. I’m not traditional, so my reviews will be of books that may have slipped away into forgotten corners of your memory, or you missed them when they first came into the world, or they are from a time before you came into the world. Whether they are familiar to you or not, I hope you enjoy.


I first discovered Rein Poortvliet’s work in a thrift shop. The book was called Gnomes, and it was not on the shelves with the other second and third hand books, but in a glass case with crystal figures and nice jewelry, you know, where all the small, pricey, and easy-to-swipe items are kept. If I recall correctly, the book was $20. That was a bit much to spend on a thrift shop book, but I fell in love with Poortvliet’s artwork and I had to bring Gnomes home with me. 

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Rien Poortvliet


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