You Sure Can’t Get Away With That Anymore! Stories from Ago

The following links take you my blog that has stories I collected from my dad & his family. Future You Sure Can’t Get Away with that Anymore posts will be posted here.

Disclaimer:  Memory is a tricky thing.  Kids get up to mischief.  Things were different back then.  Things people did then, they couldn’t get away with today.  Enjoy the short short stories here.

vintage matches dt

You Sure Can’t Get Away With that Anymore

You’re Not Supposed to Get Caught!

Beating the System

I’m Not Too Sure if I Had a License; It Might Have Been Revoked

One From Uncle Tommy

Old Man Pratt & the Cornfield

I Want to See Some ID, or, Johnny’s Adventures with the Secret Service


DT “Bill” Glascock, Glascock Airfield, Arcola

Free Gas! Drag Racing at Dulles Airport

The 29 Diner’s Lost Twin

Glass Bricks & The 29 Diner’s Foundation

The Road Ended at Fairfax Circle/This Was All Dairy Farms

I Never Thought They’d Outlaw Slots

Johnny, July 1966, California

Dead Guy in the Back Seat, or, Don’t Touch Downed Powerlines

Clever Lady

Pictures from My Gramaw’s Wallet

Happy Birthday, Gramaw! Pics



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