Sisters–An Index

lisa ang 10 2Pictures


I Would Like to Add/Companion to Pictures

Preface to And So It Begins

And So It Begins

The Dreaded Post, Part One

The Dreaded Post, Part Two

Promises Broken

A Screaming Chorus of Cicadas

Some of My Reasons

Zombies & the Blobfish

Prozac & Sominex & Wal*Mart at 2am

Ten Things I Miss About My Sister

God’s Bar

I Will Not Panic

It’s Been Confirmed:

Scotty Part One

Scotty Part Two

Scotty Part Three


Dreamy Dreamerson

Brookfield Swim Club

Christmas Time

Sympathy Cards

Thunderstorms, Drought, Poo


Chantilly Class of 1982

Complicated Grief

Sneaky Memories

A New Song & An Old Dance


It’s Almost that Time of Year

And Now It’s 5/28

Celebrity Induced Memories

Roll to Me


Really Bad Grief Poetry

Happy Birthday to Lisa, Now Celebrate Yourself!



Salted Chocolate Pretzel Shooter

anniversary shots

14 Years

15 Years

16 Years

17 Years





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